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About Me


The world is an expansive realm of opportunity, and the human brain holds an equivalent depth of potential to explore and shape each possibility. As a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School, my research draws insights into the brains ability to extract information from the world around us. Amazingly, the brain is equipped with billions of information processing entities known as neurons. Neurons create everything you see, hear, an experience through trillions of fluid connections called synapses. Importantly, the synapse is a biological hallmark of the vast potential that lives within us all. With as many synapses in the human brain as stars in the night’s sky, the potential that dwells within us is of cosmic proportions. And from this perspective, we all come bearing gifts for the world to marvel.

    My life’s work has been to realize such potential not only through my work as a neuroscientist, but also as a person devoted to learning. As a multi-talent, my career lies at the intersection of science, music, film, writing, and education. Consequently, my life story is about pushing the boundaries of what is possible. For me, neuroscience is more than a set of principals arising from data backed premises. Rather, neuroscience is a discipline that we can come to appreciate and apply in our daily lives as we reach for our dreams. If we can come to understand the amazing biological phenomena that exists within our brain, then we may come to know the genius that lies within.  

    Accordingly, allow me to be your guide into the enthralling cellular and molecular explorations of the human, mind, body, and spirit. Through my passion for the biology of mind, and my unique talents to inspire and communicate, I am certain to provide you with an educationally motivating experience that will consume your curiosity for neuroscience, personal development, and the biology of success. 



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